If Starbucks were a nightclub, this is how it would go


On any given Thursday Friday Saturday night, you’ll see lines outside of clubs. This is because New York is full of fancy venues that rely on bouncers, guest lists, and expensive reservations to determine who gets into the bar on any given night. And, you’ll find that opinions about door culture are polarized: A person is either accepting of this policy and commits to waiting in line/pleading with the bouncer. Or, a person storms away, insulted by the concept itself. So, comedian Jena Kingsley thought: What if we applied that same policy to another popular NYC venue — Starbucks? As it turns out, the responses are pretty much the same.

Kingsley set up outside one of the chain’s Manhattan locations and got to work. As is standard with door culture, all the hot people get in. Everyone else was greeted with a “Are you on the list?” And, the results are pretty hilarious. We also have to say, the Starbucks employees are the most friendly, patient people on the planet. Check out Kingsley’s clip to see what happens when getting a cup of joe gets the velvet-rope treatment. All that’s missing is a stamp you can’t wash off for three days. (Mashable)

Josh RigneyNews