Starbucks ‘bouncer’ prank goes viral


Comedian Jenna Kingsly decided to see how people would react if a bouncer was added to a Starbucks in New York, and the results are hilarious.

Kingsly set herself up as the Starbucks venue’s new bouncer and started denying people access to the location and asking it they were “on the list.” The bouncer prank worked so well that she even convinced several employees that her setup was legitimate and they let her keep it up for awhile. The reactions of people trying to get a morning coffee and being stopped by Kingsly are great. Some get angry and leave, while others are actually content to wait in line for an opening. In true nightclub fashion, Kingsley makes sure that she lets every hot girl in, but continually denies guys access to the cafe if they don’t have a hot girl with them.

The video was posted to YouTube on Monday and has over 26,000 views as of Wednesday morning.

Check out the Starbucks bouncer prank below.

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